Under The Tuscan Sun

I am not sure if this month's The Liaison Collaborative is super special or if it is just my romantic notions. Either way it works for me.  I can almost picture a rugged good looking guy pouring me a glass of wine as I gaze over the vineyard. Yes, it must be romance.

This gloriously textured food plank is from Pixel Mode. It was just SO beautiful I had to have it -- living now in Tuscany ya know.

It sits in its glory on a table with deco from 22769 ~ [bauwerk]. This is part of a BIG release for the event.

Tables, chairs and amphore (urn) are also part of the set. Other coordinating items are available.

When I first starting setting up the Tuscan Villa, I knew I wanted a vineyard. Alas my search lead me to sculpts and primmy ones at that. I couldn't afford the land impact.

To my VERY pleasant surprise, this round's offering from Botanical is a grape vine set. Two sizes (these are the longer version) on trellises as well as some single bushes are included.

They come with an easy to use hud to change the seasons. Posts and dirt can be visible or not on an individual basis. This is an outstanding value if you have anywhere to start a vineyard!

And if your dreams of the Italian countryside include a very large mansion, Barnesworth Annubis has you covered with his new release, Villa Siena. It comes with a roomy enclosed courtyard. This is the view from the back. Impressive.

One More With Feeling

One more post for The Feeling.

Words are the theme this round. Even if you can't read the painting in pink (I can! *wink*), it is very pretty. I'll let you use a translator to discover the meaning. It is one of the rare gacha items from [freebird].

My top is one of four off the shoulder number with sayings. This was definitely my favorite. "Dance the Dance You Dance - Don't Dance the Dance People Who Dance Dance". Love it. There are three other wordy choices in the hud pack. This is from the NS:: Cutie Store.

The colorful, Springy pinwheels are one of the offerings from DaD DESIGN.

Shorts by Decoy
Hair by MINA
Pose by: Diesel Works

TLC for April

The Liaison Collaborative has opened for April. New from BAIASTICE, a collection of  posh attire just right for Tuscany -- my vision of it anyway.

The Metallic Plisse Skirt and the Vena oversize sweater come in lots of great color combos so you can pick your favorites. Contrast or blend from a palette of hues.

Nearby at The Garden outdoor living is featured. Now there are a lot of folks not set up there yet, so you might wait a day or two and take it all in at once. Sway's however IS set up and you can find this Garrison Pergola along with lots of furnishings and decor.  I, of course being a details gal love the fruit, magazines and topiary the best.

click to enlarge
Oh wait!

I don't know HOW I forgot about the windchimes, but when I journeyed over to TLC this morning and heard them, I remembered.

These are just gorgeous. They turn in the breeze and sing. There are several colors with my favorite being berry, but this was a quick shot I took at the venue so I could update this page.

I can just feel that warm sun! Yes!

More on TLC coming up. It is GRAND this month.

Hair: The Hamptons by Vanity Hair
Poses by: Diesel Works