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Second Life goes through marketing fads, anyone around for a long time can see the signs. When I was a babe grid wide hunts were the new thing. Then, back in 2007, if you got in the Vain hunt it was a big deal. The big hunts didn't come around that often and they were hugely popular. I did very well back then and I was selling texture clothing (well, that's what we had) which has never been my strong suit.

Hunts lasted a long while. Then the good hunts started costing money (I personally like that) and some others charged fees just to play (not so much) and now -- for me anyway -- hunts are not worth doing.

Now we have VENUES. They too have been around a long time but this last year they have gone into geometric progression status. I like venues, primarily because they usually have interesting builds or themes or great content creators -- sometimes all three!

The post is brought to you by the Letter V for VENUE!

* Some very nice hair from MINA, FEMKE V2 for  the Cosmopolitan  Sales Room

* A cute shorts set with various patterned tops by hud from DUCKNIPPLE at District 5.

* This darling home away from home from Sway's at TLC's Route 66 themed event. This is the naturals version; a boho choice is available. LOW land impact and good LODs (impressive).

Poses by: aDORKable

Night Moves

Need a little dra-ma in your life? The good kind I mean.

Find this new release Petal Dress out from BAIASTICE at TLC event.

And what does this sophisticated dress have to do with Route 66?  Well the road starts in LA and ends in Chicago. And you thought it was just farm country and bikers!  *wink*.

There are of course plenty of more sedate solids to be found -- sans zebra print. 

Poses by: Orc Inc


Fall is in the air in my corner of the globe. Though mid August, a few leaves are starting to fall and the feel of the air is definitely a reminder that with an early Spring often comes an early Fall. Since the end of the growing season is my favorite season, that's OK with me. Still, Mother Nature is definitely turning things cattywampus these days.

Out from 22769 ~ [bauwerk], the Water Tower Hangout for TLC's The Garden - Route66 theme. It comes large at 30 land impact or just the top for 10. I wanted it for vista on the half sim country road; I split the difference by sizing the large version down a bit (now 19 li). Since I found some very primmy grasses (18 prims!) and took them down along with the old water tower, I actually saved 10 prims. Such a crafty gal.

Now I know not EVERYONE needs a water tower, but if you have a farm or a city or a roll play area -- what a great niche product. There are furnishings that can be purchased and on the large version you can click on the ladder and rez a prim that let's you climb up. OR you can be lazy like me and just double click - LOL.

And now I am off to see what else might be at the event.