Late To The Party

It has been a wild September.

Winding down now I am playing catchup. Late but not to be forgotten are two great furniture releases, the Classic Bathroom Collection  from Trompe Loeil (September @ Fameshed)  and the Second Spaces - Elizabeth Guest Room linen cabinet and shelf (The Neighborhood last weekend).

Both notable and packed full of details they are worth hunting down at the shops! 

Difficult to see all you want to see? Never fear the GIANT photo is up on Flickr here.

It is Tuesday early morn as I type this. All gray and naked, nothing is working. I am guessing that if I looked at the grid report it would be dire and the database would be mentioned. So be careful my lovelies -- it is messy out there this morning.

The Morning After

Two new fun releases combine in a thematic post.  The Unmade Bed  -- is just that. Well there are also plenty of extras like a shirt draped lamp, rumpled clothes and a pack of condoms. This of course is an adult item, but PG folks aren't left out. There is a version for them also. A great bit of realism for your virtual life, and if you have a contemporary role play sim? Perfect. There are two main versions tonally and the quilt changes accent color for extra choices. The store? Sway's!

My hair, just out from Vanity Hair is appropriately named Pajamas Party!  I had to smile at that. 

Here is a look at the complete set. Singles and couples animations are included.

Poses by: aDORKable

Neighborhood Lights

Out for The Neighborhood from CARGO, the Cyberjunk Streetlamp.

OK, we are going to have to backup here - LOL. While this is listed as being out today I did some sleuthing and happily found a new inworld shop (yeah) which is very cute. The streetlamp was not in attendance. Those of you that need (yes, for us city folks NEED is a good term) these lights, just remember where they come from. And, they may appear before the day is over.

[Afternoon note]: So the scoop is I was completely confused and was SURE that The Neighborhood was a Sunday thing. Apparently not or not now anyway. So my mistake. I did check and these will be back at the store and on the Marketplace sometime soon. AND as I type this (well in tandem) I am redoing the city with more streets and lights and buildings -- so a new look. 

I was thrilled to get these in. I love the items from CARGO; such a sister niche gal that Vikki. The lights come in three styles with a single lamp (no walk apparatus) in the mix.  I have big plans for these in the city.

My outfit is from Ducknipple, the Viral dress. The hud changes the accent colors.   Boots by BAIASTICE.

New skins from a new shop -- crow. This goth skin, sophie comes in four skin tones with this being the most saturated. It can easily cross over to non-goth stylings. Skin packs include four makeups per pack.

There are fantasy skins to be found here too, perfect for the upcoming holiday. I suspect you will be seeing some on these pages in October.


Poses by: Everglow