I lived over on the Bayou for awhile. It is gone now -- well the land is there but the spirit seems to have departed. It was a wondrous time living in a themed community.

Out for The Arcade from Trompe Loeil, shotgun shacks. Since I know the theme I can explain the reference.  Shotgun houses were narrow and skinny. They typically had no halls but you got from one room to another via the area before. So, they were somewhat like a rail car.

Back in the day over on the Bayou I even built a shotgun house for a contest. There were many entered and all fun to see. Now you can have your own low prim abode perfect for small pieces of land.

Just zip on over to The Arcade and try you luck!


Most of us are travelers in one sense of the word. We journey to far away places or sometimes just imagine ourselves in exotic locales. Either way there is experience and learning.

The theme for this month's Challenge is "Globetrotter".   This really fun Globetrotter Trunk Desk is from 22769.  The trunk and all accessories weighs in at 7 land impact and the chair filled with lots of great animations is only 1 (oh my!). 

Pefect for trekking, these Townsfolk slippers are from lassitude & ennui for We Love Roleplay (opens tomorrow).  They come in styles for Slink male and female as well as Maitreya mesh body. Super comfy, they are pleasingly rustic and great for -- well, roleplay! 

And, out from Sway's a way to keep track of those far away from home. The [Suzie] keyholder and noteboard has six different messages to choose from and is a measly one land impact (oh yes!)  Love the details!

Poses by: the furniture


A really special new bedroom set is out at Uber from Cheeky Pea. The theme is Boho and  -- Boho it is. Many many pieces including some artwork, the land impact ranges from 1 to 24. The bed turns back its covers when you sit. Both PG and A versions are available. AND, if you like COLOR, there is a really really cute bright and funky 60s version to be had.

You of course need stunning nightwear to go with the new bed. Well BAIASTICE has that covered over at FaMESHed. Super cute Lace Dream shortie nighties come in a variety of colors with panties. There is a transparent version for those of you that want to impress your beau.

Poses by: the bed and Vista Animations